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This excellent compact electrical heat gun can be used for heating shrinkable film, embossed powder, rubber stamp, the best choice to replace toaster or oven and the polymer clay will become hard and bright after using the gun.

Features :

  • Long Cable Enough For Crafting : Hot air shrink gun was made of high quality stainless steel inside and ABS plastic outside, simple design and durable quality, Mini dimensions 240*50mm/ 9.44*1.97in.
  • Easy To Operate : Plug the device in and switch on the power to produce controlled 200°C/390°F hot air in mere seconds. Make sure to keep your masterpiece about 2 inches away from the nozzle when applying heat to prevent overheating.
  • Perfect Tool For DIY Craft : The mini heat gun is a perfect tool for DIY. It can be used to emboss powder, heat shrinkable film, clay, rubber pad, quick-drying paint, glue, catalytic bonding, quick defrost, shrinkable PVC for packaging, wax seal, handmade soap.
  • Precision & Portability : Coned nozzle that centralizes the heat onto a specific area, shrink heat shrink tubing or shrink wrap without damaging other wires and components like an open flame might. Small, lightweight, and portable for work in tight spaces. Please be aware of flammable or explosive atmospheres when using the heat gun.
  • DIY Essentials Part : If you like DIY, this is a good accessory for you. Even, you can replace toaster or oven and the polymer clay will become hard and bright after using the gun. The temp of the nozzle could reach to 200°in seconds, please don't use it more than 10 minutes in one time, just turn off then turn on for working continuously.

Specifications :

  • Product: Hot Air Gun
  • Input Voltage: AC110-220V/50-60Hz
  • Power Wattage: 300W
  • Working Temperature: 200℃
  • Hot Air Gun: Diameter 4cm/1.5 inch, Length 22cm/8.5 inch
  • Power Cable Length: 95cm/37 inch

How to Use :

  • Plug in the heat tool
  • Hold the product distance 6cm at least with the hot nozzle, heating at an angle of about 45 degrees. Do not place it close to nozzle.
  • Do not use more than 10 minutes continuously as the nozzle is extremely hot. Should be cool down 1~2 minutes after using.
  • Switch off if not in use.

What's in the Box :
1*Hot Air Gun
1*Additional replaceable protecting cap


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